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As organizations are using different IT and business applications it is giving rise to different types of data. Data Analyst – Data analyst is typically an entry-level job where data is mined and analyzed to get insights for the business function, department or the business process. Data analysts need to have some understanding of the overall business or the function for which they are working in so that they understand the corresponding data. Business metrics or KPI are created in dashboards as part of standard reporting process and also ad-hoc reports are created based on insights by the data analysts. These are analyzed by them and shared with functional leaders or management team to provide a detailed look at business performance.

entry level

  • Data analysis is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a future-proof career option.
  • On the other one can also be promoted to a higher designation if he or she performs well as a business analyst.
  • Since the data analytics market overlaps with other industries and fields, your education options are wide.
  • From company financial statements, they study prices, costs, expenses, tax rates, etc to determine a company’s future earnings and thereby determine its valuation.
  • In simple words, a Financial Analyst must study and analyse economic and financial data in-depth and then make recommendations based on their analysis.

They collect all the data which is business-related and then combine it and form conclusions about what is good for the business and what is not. In this way, they make the progression faster and easier. Diagnostic analytics is about understanding why something happened.

Who is a Business Analyst

However, data analysts usually advance to higher-level positions such as senior data analysts, data scientists, data analysis managers, and business analysts. Similarly, the higher the responsibility, the greater the salary. Therefore, the average annual salary for data scientists is estimated to be around $ 95,000, and the average annual salary for analysis managers is estimated to be around $ 106,000. Big data analytics is a rapidly growing field with compelling opportunities for professionals across a wide range of industries. With the present skyrocketing demand for skilled big data professionals, there can be no better time to enter the big data job market. If you’re confident that the data analytics career is perfect for you, you need to get started and prepare yourself to land one of the many data analyst job titles that are much sought-after.

Admission to this course usually takes place on the basis of merit and performance in the university level Common Entrance Tests. The minimum eligibility required is the completion of Class 12 with Science stream . We have mentioned below various certifications that you may opt to upgrade your skills for a career as a Data Analyst. The data can be incomplete until analyzed and compiled, sometimes errors can occur. The need for data cleaning comes from problems in the way data is accessed and preserved.

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Financial Analyst needs to research more about macro-economic and micro-economic data along with financials, and thereby estimate the prospects of businesses or industry in general. Meanwhile, the above data is provided by LinkedInSalaryChecker in the United States and Glassdoor in India. In cooperation with programmers, engineers, and organizational executives, identifying opportunities for process improvements, advocating system upgrades, and implementing data governance policies. Legal analysts are the the system analysts with prime roles of starts with gather the legal information and research on these information.

Education for Data Analytics Roles

It is done to gain the desired output and to make sure the work is properly implemented. Once a business analyst understands the problems faced by the company thoroughly his or her next step is to find solutions to the problem. Going through all the research data and by brainstorming the most suitable solution which maximises the company’s profit is taken into consideration.

Experience with databases and data analysis tools is required. You should be able to write SQL queries and procedures, understand Microsoft Excel, Matlab, and IBM SPSS, analyze trends, and gain accurate insights. Analyst in general are person or team that works on research on the underlying domain specific data. The responsibilities vary based on the experience and domain knowledge of an analyst.

Investment analysts are predominantly hired by mutual fund houses, investment advisors, and brokerage houses to research securities and prepare recommendations for various purposes. An analyst also prepares financial models to estimate future economic trends and financial parameters of business entities. Here, an analyst helps the bank in pricing its investment products. Analysts also work for merger and acquisition projects and play a major role in studying corporates’ fundamentals to determine the feasibility of the said merger or acquisition.


Internships provide the candidate with real-world https://1investing.in/. It is a way of knowing the career field before professionally joining it. Internships provide an aspiring candidate with the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge he or she gained during their time in college, to bring them to practical use. Not only that, but internships also enable the candidate to make connections in the field for future use. The candidate can get an internship either through an online medium or he or she could also contact the aviation company of choice directly. We have discussed what does a business analyst do in this section.

Educational requirements for being a data analyst:

Once the data is interpreted and set in context, insights emerge from it. It is the responsibility of data analysts to present these to the team concerned. There are various types of business analysts depending on the special domain and job requirements. Salary of a healthcare data analyst is focused solely on the knowledge and experience of this professional. The entry-level salary is around Rs per month and can go on to increase up to Rs per month at the top level. Individuals who opt for a career as data analyst work independently, some work for professional agencies and some as part of a team.


Since then these platforms were mere hobbies or leisure-types of analysts experiences. Yet, with the upcoming and growing influence of these platforms, so much can be accomplished from an educational point of view, informational, promotional, business deals, etc. It’s essential to be familiar with the SQL syntax and concepts and the specific RDBMS you’ll be using during the interview. Practising writing SQL queries and working with sample databases can help you feel more prepared for a SQL interview for a data analyst role.

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A career as a business analyst is closely linked to the IT industry, and in some companies, business analysts can be considered for the role of a technical professional and stay in the IT department. Analysts and researchers have been around before big data, which is why the position of data analysts is well established. Software analysts do not require specialised coding skills, but have experience with software for analytics, software for data analysis, and data management programmes. Being a data analyst can also open doors to other careers.


As more and more businesses collect data, they will need skilled data analysts to help them make sense of it all. If you’re interested in a career in data analytics, now is the time to start learning the skills you need. If you interested in managing people and leading people then Business Analysis Team Manager is a perfect role. This role is a team based role and can let you move to the top management. This career path won’t let you using practical business analysis techniques on a daily basis.

Here, we will be discussing how to become a data analyst. The role of data analyst may convey the specifications to data custodians, such as in-house information management employees. The data can also be gathered from environmental devices, such as traffic cameras, satellites, monitoring equipment, and many more. This could also be accessed by presentations, online resources, or other documentation.

  • By spotting tendencies in descriptive and diagnostic data, predictive analytics aims to predict expected outcomes.
  • Since this is a very new and niche area, there is no blueprint for becoming a cricket analyst.
  • Business Analysts work inside a company to assess current systems and create vital plans.
  • This IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate course on Coursera can be a good place to start.
  • A career as a business analyst does not involve travelling.

Learn how to become an Analyst, what skills and education you need to succeed, and what level of pay to expect at each step on your career path. Analysts research, analyze and report on different trends. Using either publicly available or collected data, analysts attempt to draw insights that can be used to create actionable strategies in different industries. Analysts may be called to be flexible and work across various industries, with different types of datasets, and may be required to spend a significant amount of time creating and delivering reports.

If students want to make a big change in their careers and get an immense salary rise, then the best choice for them is an executive program or certification from any of India’s top B-schools. In a career as data analyst, one is provided with a plethora of internships. Multiple companies and institutions, with different expertise and preferences, recruit interns. One might reveal numerous internship opportunities through the online recruitment portals. Big data analysts receive hands-on experience through internships. Higher education institutes and private companies have the bulk of internship options.